Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Candy is Cool

I have become obsessed with candy. Not that I want to eat it, but the whole temperature really matters thing is cool. We made candy apples last week (recipe soon) which were a great success, and I just finished making butter cream icing for a cake for the 10 year old's birthday. There is a great site at which explains the science of candy and the various terms used such as soft-ball, hard ball, hard crack, etc. (where else could so much talk about balls and cracks be considered educational?). There are also some recipes and a video showing how some factory in California makes multicolor lollipops.


lisa said...

I look forward to figuring out how to make the red stuff not out of a box. I expect you will destroy a few pans in the process

labkid32 said...

Do you own a chocolate temperer? I'm thinking about getting one ... then we can make really yummy taffy apples - so we don't have to spend a gazillion $$ on the Mrs. P apples .... what do ya think?