Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What to Eat after going to MSG

Even if the Ranger's are terrible this year, at least their games are over reasonably early. Going out to eat after the game is a great idea, but the idea of sitting at the Blarney Stone to have corned beef and beer does not appetize that many people, particuarly the lovely wife. Never without a suggestion, the lovely wife pointed out that we were right near Manhattan Korea Town and, as usual, she was right. 32nd Street near 6th avenue is full of Korean Restaurants and most of them are open extremely late. Just looking in the windows, we could see many of them were quite full. We usually go to Kang Suh, which has good bar-b-que and nice private rooms. It was recommended to us by our friends now in London. However, this time we decided to go to Shilla, which is across the street. It has a sleeker more modern look, and was certainly quite filled at10 PM. The service is good, and we received our food within 5 minutes of ordering. However, the bar-b-que brisket was fattier than at Kang Suh. The brisket had no flavor, although I was persoanlly excited by the fact that you could slice brisket razor thin and then grill it. Better marinating would have helped. The spicy squid was OK but not memorable and we had a tofu-seafood soup with red peppers that lacked flavor. All in all, we would stick with Kang Suh but are still open to trying other places. Please leave a post if you have tried a Korean Restaraunt in this area and have an opinion!

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