Monday, November 13, 2006

Back From Mexico

Did you miss me? The lovely wife and I were in beautiful Carmen de Playa for four days of fun and sun. Unfortunately, we did not encounter much gourmet Mexican dining, although we did like a lot of the breakfasts; some of which I will try to recreate. However, if you include breakfast, I did discover several dishes which I would like to learn more about. The first of these is lime soup, which I was told was a traditional Mayan dish. It is a chicken soup in a lime base, and contained dried tortilla shreds and vegetables. There was a strong hint of coriander, which I am not normally a fan of but which was really good in this soup. We both enjoyed the sopasitas, little corn pone tarts covered in shredded pork, beef or seafood. The best breakfast was huevos Montulenos (pictured), but closely followed by Huevos con Epazote y Chile. While the former was not very different from huevos rancheros, the latter was sort of a frito pie for breakfast, featuring fried eggs, tortilla chips chile sauce and white cheese. Scarily tasty.

Like most beautiful and tranquil resorts, the food at the place the LW and I stayed at was a bit too tortured for dinner. And as this was not a working trip (don’t worry IRS, I have not written this off!) we didn’t venture out of the hotel to eat once, although we did go fishing. So I can’t comment to much on the food of the Mexican Riviera per se. I can say that when its done right, Mexican food can be extremely tasty and I hope to explore that in the future.

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