Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Pain of The Rangers is Too Much To Bear

After Henrik Lundqvist gave up four goals in the first period the lovely wife and I started to make plans to take Boys 1 and 2 to Korean Bar-B-Que early. The Rangers had other plans in mind for us. After pulling Ludqvist and putting in Kevin Weekes, the Rangers staged a near comeback in the second period, with Jagr scoring a goal and Shanahan scoring two. However, near the end of the period, the Islanders scored another (Kozlov), making it 5-3. Bar-b-que would wait until after the game.

The third period was exciting, but towards the end we were wishing we had gone for the kim-chee. Although Shanahan finished up the hat trick with his third goal, bringing it back to a one goal game, Kozlov was not to be stopped. He scored two more goals, bringing the final score to 7-4. It was miserable.

The Garden itself was particularly rowdy tonight, with a large collection of Islander fans, some clearly looking for an altercation. Although I only saw two fights, it was the first early Sunday game I have gone to where you almost smell the bad vibes.

As we had boys one and two as well as another family, we chose to go back to Kang Suh for dinner. This time we ate in the main dining room. The kim-chee was not as good as last time, and I miss the wood burning grills they used to have at the tables. The meat was still excellent, although I would like to try to eat somewhere else next time.

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