Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I Should Have Stayed in Paris

There was an fetid, almost smoky air at the Garden tonight. The fans were in a roudy and somewhat pissed mode. This included the roughly 10% of fans who came to root on the Islanders. The first period was a bit of a score-fest, with Straka and Jagr each scoring a goal and the Islanders also scoring two. After watching Ice Hockey of Harlem play during the intermission, the Islanders pulled ahead with one goal in the second making the score 3-2. The Rangers quickly tied the score in the begining of the third period with a goal by Shanahan. However, the Islanders scored two more goals in 27 seconds within five minutes of this, effectively ending the game. There was nothing left to do but watch the Rangers suffer, and to suffer myself. At least section 322 had a large altercation with many people getting thrown out to add some levity to the situation.

The thing that bothered me the most about the loss was that both of the "27 second" goals were scored because of sloppy play by the Rangers. Jagr looked slow responding to the first goal and Prucha had a terrible pass on the second. Losses that come as a result of stupid mistakes are always a bitter pill to take. Add in the fact that they won FOUR IN A ROW when I was away (yes, I know this is irrational but....) and it makes me even more anxious about Thursday's game against Edmontun. Stay tuned.

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