Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tenzan Sushi After a West Side Movie

Ah, movies on a Saturday night. What could be better than sitting in the NYC studio apartment sized Lincoln Plaza Cinema watching a screen smaller than some peoples home LCD system. Perhaps the overwhelming crowds at Sony Lincoln Square? Well either way, they have movies, I like to go to movies, they're close, and I go to them. And after the movie, I need something to eat. One of my new favorite restaurants in the area is Tenzen (285 Columbus Avenue, 212-580-7300), a two level Japanese restaurant between 73rd and 74th Street. Their sushi and sashimi are fresh and tasty, and they always seem to have a seat for two or four after the movies. They have a moderate sized saki list, but you are on your own in terms of figuring out which one to drink. I always go for the third cheapest, as I figure everyone else gets the second cheapest. Anyway, it was called Tamanohikari and it was quite good. I recommend it.

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