Friday, February 09, 2007

Rangers Finally Win!!!!

I had low hopes that the Rangers would even look decent in this game. Tampa Bay has been doing well, and is clearly in the pack for a playoff spot, as opposed to the Rangers, who are clearly hoping some other team collapses in the stretch. Before the game we went to the Blarney Stone, and the chicken wings were excellent. Boy 1 and Boy 2 each had burgers, which were good, with a decent patty and a fresh bun. The only downer was that the fries were, at best, pedestrian. I tried the fried Calamari, which although of the standard frozen "ring" variety, were actually extremely well fried.

The game started out well, with Colton Orr, the Rangers official fighter, scoring his first NHL goal. It just got better. Ryan Hollweg scored his first goal of the year, and the Rangers scored an additional three goals for a total of five. Tampa Bay was shut out by Lundqvist, who had an impressive 29 saves. Helping him was a defense that didn't leave him hanging out to dry, a rarity in the Rangers this season. The only thing that didn't happen was "Dancing Larry," although Dancing Granny did make an appearance. If they can beat Washington on the road tomorrow, I might even allow myself to imagine a playoff game or two. But I'm still not holding my breath.

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