Monday, February 05, 2007

Rangers Want to Cut My Heart Out

I've given up eating food at the Garden: I go straight for the overpriced beer. How can you eat anything when the Rangers play and you fear that you might lose your dinner on the head of the guy in front of you (if he bothered to show, that is). Beer dulls the senses and soothes the stomach for the misery that will doubtless be experienced during the course of the game. And while they can't seem to beat a team when I'm at a game, at least the Ranger's didn't disappoint in the misery department in tonight's game against the Detroit Red Wings.

The game started out well enough, with the Rangers up 3-1 in the first, helped by a brilliant shot by Shanahan, a misplay by veteran goaltender Dominic Hosic that allowed Nylander to easily score and a late period goal by Marcel Hossa. The second period was uneventful, with neither team scoring. In the third period, the Rangers looked sloppy and tired, the Wings took advantage and scored three goals, and that was that. I've looked over my hockey posts and realized that the Rangers were 4-11 in games that I went to and blogged about. Perhaps I will only blog about the Rangers wearing my lucky Ranger's "True Blue" tee-shirt. Maybe I'll also switch the beer I drink at the game. Maybe a rally cap. It can't hurt.


Lisa said...

That was truly pathetic. May I suggest switching to hard liquor while watching the Rangers lose. It will numb the pain. At least you guys scored at the super bowl. Sorry the Rangers Suck. Great party though.
love, lisa

Ira.B said...

Thanks. Obviously we will not be having a Stanley Cup Party anytime soon, although it would be nice if we could.