Friday, March 09, 2007

Adam Graves Interview on LX.TV

It sort of pains me that Adam Graves is younger than me and retired. Well, not really. After all, Graves is one of the reasons that the Rangers won the Stanley Cup in 1994 and were a competitive team in the nineties. He is perennially involved with Rangers' causes, and is a frequent guest and speaker at Rangers events and a spokesman for MSG's charitable work. So, given my recent surge in Rangers enthusiasm (winning will do that), I was excited to find out that Graves gave an interview to MTV's SuChin Pak on Lifestyle Television.

The interview is fun, the plugs for Absolut Vodka more fun, and the web site itself sort of reminds me of a video version of American Express' "Departures" magazine. Which is a nice way of saying that while its clearly created with marketing in mind, they do a great job, and its fun to watch.

I have embedded the video below. Take a peek.

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