Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rangers Kick Flyer Butt: All is Well in the World

Sometimes, its not worth spending too much time thinking about what happened in the game. The game needs to be enjoyed as it happens, and remembered with a fuzzy warm glow. Tonights game was one of those experiences. Although the Flyers are in dead last this year, somehow they managed to beat the Rangers every time I saw them play at the Garden. Not tonight. Tonight the Rangers beat the Flyers 5-0, with Lundqvist earning his fifth shutout of the year. In addition, Shanahan returned to the lineup, making two assists. Avery scored two goals, and Prucha, Jagr and Ortmeyer each scored one. And although I am not one to encourage fights, the fact that Carleton Orr knocked Todd Fedoruk cold was both scary and a bit of quid pro quo to an over aggressive Flyer's Team.

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