Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rangers Beat Thrashers 4-0 in Quarter Finals: Advance to Second Round

I really don't have much to say about this. Except YAAAAAY!! Because of my medical informatics course, I have been in San Diego, staying at the quite lovely W Hotel. Although I tried to watch the game yesterday, I discovered that, despite the prowess of the Ducks, Southern California is not a hotbed of ice hockey action. Even the sports bar near the W, with a satellite set up that looked like NASA, couldn't get it. The place, the Yardhouse, turns out to be yet another West Coast Chain. I know you are all shocked by this fact. However, I was able to catch part of yesterday's game on internet radio (with a slight delay) from the Rangers Web Site. Tonight, I followed the game on my Treo on ESPN's mobile site. The lovely wife, boy 1 and boy 2, and the world's most sports minded babysitter (a medical student, too!) did go. I am happy to have learned about medical informatics, but am really looking forward to the second round. GO RANGERS!

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Lisa said...

Than goodness, the boy is well-fed (sorta), on his way home, and all is well with the world, the Rangers kicked butt