Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rangers Clinch Playoff Spot

I admit it. I didn't think the Rangers were going to get in the playoffs. When my order for playoff tickets came in I only half heartedly returned it and all the money the tickets were going to cost me. I even decided to save the $25 shipping that the Cablevision people stick you for, figuring why should I give them that interest money over the next six months until I could use it as credit for my 2008 tickets. I am here tonight to report that happily, I was wrong, and the Rangers are again in the playoffs. Since the trade deadline, they have been the hottest team in the NHL. I admit that I am not sad that I will have to trudge to the Garden to pick up my tickets. Because tonight the Rangers beat the Montreal Canadiens 3-1, guaranteeing them a spot in the post season.

The game tonight had a bit of a playoff atmosphere. Many regulars were away because of the school holiday, but the crowd was clearly large and pumped. When Prucha scored the Rangers first goal less than 3 minutes into the game, the crowd became boisterous and almost giddy. This atmosphere was helped by the fact that a large block of tickets in the 400's were taken by rabid Montreal fans. Their cheers (I think they may have actually been in French), were answered with loud Rangers cheers, which certainally had a Saxon bent! Two other goals, by Jagr and Malik, sealed the scoring deal. Lundqvist, selected tonight as season MVP of the team, held up his end by allowing only one goal, on a 5-3 power play.

Dancing Larry was back tonight. Even though many people were screaming their homophobic Larry chants, they all seemed genuinely happy that Larry was back to do his dance, and exhort the faithful to cheer for the Rangers. I'm sorry, but he does a much better job than Dancing Granny, who I'm sure is nice and all, but really doesn't make the blood boil. If the Rangers win their final game this week, and Tampa Bay loses one of the two it has left, then the Rangers will finish in sixth place, allowing them to face a beatable Atlanta Team.

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