Monday, April 23, 2007

Rossini Blue Cheese: Blue Cheese With Wine!

Behold the Rossini Blue. This photo was actually taken with my new Treo. I have decided that I like my camera much better: besides the extra megapixels it also allows closer focus on pieces of cheese and other assorted edible items.

I always like blue cheese, and today I found a bizarre, yet tasty, variation at Zabar's. When I first read the description on their card, I was wondering who thought of this odd combination and who would be stupid enough to buy it. But, after trying a piece,, for reasons not totally clear to me at the time, the cheese tasted rather good and I bought a piece.

The cheese in question is Rossini Blue, from Valtaleggio, Italy. Its a cows milk blue cheese that is washed with red wine during the aging process: the result is an extremely fruity and sweet cheese with a very pronounced "blue" aftertaste. The cheese produces mixed feelings before you taste that only increase after you are finished. On the one hand it tastes sort of like that port wine and cheddar cheese product you get in the tub: only with blue cheese. On the other hand, the individual flavors: cheese and wine, and the cheese texture are quite good. And let us not forget the fact that in the right situation, that tub of cheddar product and port wine is actually rather tasty: imagine it with good ingredients.

Overall, I recommend this cheese to cheese lovers looking for something different and for those of us with a secret love of the trashy. This cheese would taste great on a Ritz cracker, but it also tastes fine on a Breton.


Cheese Mistress

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