Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Goodbye, Morris Brothers

Joining all of the Korean groceries, after 65 years, Morris Brothers is leaving the Upper West Side. Although I have known about this for some time, it made me sad when I saw these going out of business / lost our lease signs on their door. Although I don't know the exact amount that the landlord wanted, my reliable source said it was an incredible amount of money. If you want it, you can call 212-372-2430 and ask the broker at Newmark Realty how much it will run you. I can only wait to see which bank branch/chain store/pharmacy will pay for the place. Just what we need up here.


Jen said...

This is a sad day in NYC history. Between this and the West End...what would a feng shui master say?

labkid32 said...

I just hate this ... sure the place had its own way of dealing with folks - but can you imagine dealing with a load of nutty NYC parents - no matter what part of town they traveled from.

Morris Bros. almost always had what I went in looking for ... and I knew, though it was a little pricer than if I searched out the same product elsewhere, it was solid and going to either outlast my kids until they grew out of it ... as well as the beating they'd give it.

Doesn't someone want to open a new place just like it some place on the upper west side? I suggest a little further uptown where the rents are a wee less - though like you I heard that what they were asking for the Morris bros. location was ridiculous.

Let's hope that the homogenization doesn't swallow this space too ... of course there is always Zabars... a one and only. Now I'm hungry! see ya.