Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"New" Indian on Amsterdam Avenue

Last week I was returning to my office from the East Side and saw this Grand Opening sign on Alachi Masala, a "new" Indian restaurant on Amsterdam Avenue and 84th Street (212-874-7420). I enjoy new things, so after going to a friends birthday party at the Dublin House, the lovely wife and I, along with two friends, headed a few block north to Alachi Masala.

I should have been a little suspicious when I asked the waiter how long they had been open and he told me "several months." Don't you have to take that sign down after a while? But we were hungry, and they were real nice. They don't have a liquor license, but were perfectly happy to let us run across the street to buy some beer. And all in all, the food is fine, if uninspired. The raita was different than what I normally get in a New York Indian restaurant, sprinkled with cardamon. Masala, Tandoori, vindaloo and saag were all acceptable, but nothing to write home about. The nan was tasty, but several pieces were a bit burned on the bottom. The lovely wife was a bit less charitable in her overall assessment than I was, as was one of our friends (and you know which one you are!).

I tried Alachi Masala because it was "new." While I don't dislike it, I prefer Tamarind more and will continue to get my Indian takeout from them. If you are willing to go a bit uptown from where I am, Indus Valley remains my favorite Indian on the Upper West Side.

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