Saturday, May 05, 2007

Salame Di Felino: From Italy to Us (via London)

I would like to thank our friend from London for bringing me an authentic Salame Di Felino from Italy. Salame Di Felino is a classic Italian Salame: deeply red, well marbled and made from pork, garlic, peppercorns and white wine. The pigs used are the same as those used to make Parma ham. The salame is in a molded natural casing, and is tied with rope and hung to dry. It is so important in Parma that there is even a museum celebrating it! The salame we had was made by Cavalier Umberto Boschi.

This particular salame is actually rather mild tasting, and has a bit of an aftertaste. Because of the low acidity, it has a mild, almost soapy afterntaste that is pleasing but not normally what you taste in preserved meat. The meat is clearly of good quality, and it is flavorful without being overspiced. It received the thumbs up not only from me and other adults, but also from boys 1 and 2, and assorted other boys (and girl) that happen to be here at Fire Island this Saturday night.

I have not seen this salami for sale in the US. There is a guy on Chowhound who may know: I will keep everyone informed.


Il Forno (from 2004)

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