Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Black Beans are Pretty Good

I would like our friend from London for bringing us several packages of dried black beans when she joined us last weekend in Fire Island. I had never made black beans "fresh," if you will, and was curious to try it. Turns out its pretty easy and doesn't require as much preparation as I thought it would. It tastes a zillion times better than heated up canned beans. If you want to make these, the only thing to remember is to soak the beans prior to going to work: I added onion and bacon to the final beans and they frijole-tastic!

MM Black Beans


One package (12 to 16 oz) dry black beans
onion, finely chopped
1/3 pound of bacon, coarsely chopped
Salt to taste
Fresh coriander (to taste)


Large pot to soak and cook the beans. If it has a heavy bottom you need only this pot.


About two hours or so before cooking time, boil 5 quarts of water or so and add beans. Boil about three minutes and turn off heat. Leave till you are ready to cook. Although some people use this water when they actually cook the beans, I find that this increases flatulence. So use fresh water.

Drain the beans and set aside. Add the bacon to the pot and fry. When you start having bacon grease, add the onions, and saute the whole thing until the onions are quite soft and translucent. Add the beans and about one quart of water. Gently boil, adding water as needed, for about one half hour. Don't be afraid to try the beans to see if they are ready; I did. Add salt to taste and add the coriander just prior to serving.

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