Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Finally Tried the Gelato at Grom

I am not the best person to review dessert. Although I like the sweet stuff, I admit to not seeing the subtleties of presentation and flavor that many aficionados do. None the less, I was impressed with the perpetual long lines that I had seen outside of Grom, the Italian gelato transplant now located on 76th and Broadway. Its been open for a while, but, because of the lines, I refused to go. This finally changed yesterday.

There were three people in line, the least I had seen. So I decided to give it a whirl. I ordered a small cone ($5.14 with tax!!!!!) of their flavor of the month: fiordilatte and menta. While I admit that the gelato was extremely creamy and smooth, it also tasted like toothpaste. Very expensive toothpaste. Perhaps other flavors are better.

So while I will probably stop to try some other flavor at some other time, and welcome the chance to go with some one who wants to go, I am still wondering if its a bit of the emperor's new clothes. I still like Emack and Bolio's better

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