Friday, July 27, 2007

Maine Lobster Houses: Kennebec Tavern

After visiting boy #1 at camp Saturday, we had a late plane back to NYC on Sunday. This left us with plenty of time to explore Maine. We decided to go to the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath. Its actually sort of fun. However, after finishing up our extensive visit, we were hungry! We also had to get to the airport (so we could suffer the eventual 90 minute delay on time), and needed to find a place to eat fast. Fortunately, we found the friendly folk at the Kennebec Tavern, located at 118 Commercial Street in Bath ((207) 442-9636).

The Kennebec is located right on the eponymous river: there are multiple outdoor seats with excellent views. Although there is a brunch menu, we had more typical fare, lobster rolls, a burger (boy #2 being done with seafood for the moment), and a mess of fried everything (my diet will start soon!). The service was extremely friendly, and they were able to get us out of the restaurant fast so we could get to the airport on time and wait for our delayed plane! The lobster roll was fresh, and there was the right amount of mayo. The fried food was all good, and the burger perfectly fine. A notable surprise was that the french fries were quite tasty.

Going to Bath is worthwhile if you enjoy learning more about ships, the shipping industry, and lobstering. The museum is quite large, and there is a lot to see. When you're done, you can't beat a riverside lunch at the Kennebec.

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