Friday, September 28, 2007

Cooking With Heat

I shlepped to New Jersey today to go to Gadgetoff, the great technology/futurism/just plain goofy yet quite cool conference. I will leave it to the professionals to describe the various technological events. One event did involve cooking, however, although in a rather unique way. As you can see the gentleman on the left has an attractive, propane powered flame thrower in his hand. It actually has beautiful brass fittings and a well sculpted wood handle. He used it to cook bananas and make carne assada. Both recipes actually worked, although the meat, suprisingly, was more gray than charred. Although I doubt I will be using this cooking method anytime soon, its nice to know it works. And I guess thats what Gadgetoff is all about.


Robin said...

Luckily the fire marshalls needed only to be window dressing (which they did rather nicely. Who knew Jersey state troopers were right out of central casting?)

Ira.B said...

There are some pictures of those guys on Flickr (type Gadgetoff and see). Its worth it.