Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ethiopian Food (With Kids!)

We are still trying to get into the Thai Restaurant that every one likes at 107th and Amsterdam. The lovely wife and I actually found the place finally, but there was a line and we were with boys 1 and 2 as well as a friend. They were hungry, and there was no that they would let us wait the twenty minutes it would take us to get a table.

We were about to head off to Broadway when the lovely wife and I decided to try to convince them to eat at Awash (212 961-1416) our favorite Ethiopian Restaurant, which is located on Amsterdam North of 106th Street. They also have a location on 6th Street for you downtown folks. The lovely wife, being a better convincer, got everyone to go for it.

And now, the amazing news: the meal was a total success. The kids liked the spongy bread, Awash is a roomy place with friendly service and we ordered judiciously. Normally, we order combination plates and try everything. Although we did do some of that, we also picked two items off the menu that we thought everyone would like. The first was the Awash Tibs, which is marinated and grilled beef. It was liked by all 3 boys in attendance. The second is Doro Alicha, which is chicken cooked in kibe (herb butter) with onions and green peppers. This dish was such a success I ordered a second, which was also finished. Boy 1 was willing to try all of the meat dishes on the plate, and seemed to like most of them.

My only caveat is that the dishes that the kids liked are not necessarily the ones I would order at Awash: I like the sauces and spices. Having said that, its inexpensive, and you can order lots of stuff. It was a great experience

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