Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rangers Lose Pre-Season Game Number 2: MSG Has New Scoreboard

After eating a bagel at the West Side Aunt's Break Fast. we decided to head down to the Garden to catch the Ranger's second pre-season game: this time against the hated Flyers. It was great to get back to the Garden. We met several friends at the sparsely attended game. It was also funny to see a few other people clearly coming to the game after coming from their break-fasts!

MSG has updated their scoreboards this year. They are in fully digital and in full color, and in fact seem a little too bright at times. The scoreboards on the sides of the arena are also fully digital, and for the first time at MSG I was able to see gigantic Budweiser adds from many, many angles. Having said that, its also the first time I was able to read statistics such as "shots on goal" without squinting.

The game was another matter: 5-0. As its pre-season its not worth recapping. Believe me, I don't need to name names: there was plenty of sloppy passing, lazy shooting and regrettable defense to go around. And many veterans, including Jagr, Drury and Gomez, played plenty. Hold your breath, everyone, it may be shaking out the summer, but it may be a repeat of last years miserable fall.

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