Saturday, October 13, 2007

NHL Store Opens Up In New York City

Yesterday, the NHL joined other major sports leagues in opening a store in Midtown Manhattan. Befitting its status as the fourth league (and I'm not even considering NASCAR), the store is a bit off the tourist beat and path on Sixth Avenue at 47th Street (1185 Avenue of the Americas, South-West Corner). Today, we went to the store.

I'm not a basketball fan, but I always liked the NBA store. Well executed, kitsch and with lots of memorabilia, it is a monument to the league and its aspirations. The NHL store has an ice wall you can etch your name in. They sell a custom make $160,000 "NHL motorcycle" from Orange County Choppers. If you look at the photo above, you can see a chandelier made of ice hockey sticks. Other than that, it could be any other Reebok (they "power" the store) anywhere. There is the most institutional looking Starbucks I have ever seen in the back of store. I did buy a Rangers coffee mug for a price I refuse to admit even to myself. The one thing they do have is a fair amount of non-New York Team merchandise. They also have a shopping bag which uses hockey skate laces as a tie. Given the tourist crowds currently in New York, I would not be surprised if they added some international clothing soon.

If you are a hockey fan, its certainly worth going if you are in the neighborhood. Otherwise,unless sizing is an issue, I would stick to the internet: its easier.

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