Monday, October 29, 2007

Rangers Beat Tampa Bay and Don't Make It Look Easy

First off, let me say I am very excited by Nigel Dawes. I really think he has a bright future in the NHL, and his third goal of the year has solidified his place on the Ranger's permanent roster. Second, I was happy that, for one period tonight, Jagr appears to have woken up from his slumber. We won't talk about his performance in the other two. We also won't talk about Scott Gomez, who was really a non-factor, although Drury managed to get an assist. Lundqvist played an excellent game, giving up only one goal on a penalty shot from Vincent Lecavalier, whose official web site is so goofy it should not be missed. The Ranger's still have a losing record, and in fact have one less point now than they did at the same time last year after that season's atrocious begining.

Having said all of that, the lovely wife and I had pretty good Vietnamese food after the game, which I will write about tomorrow.

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