Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yet More Pork Goodness From the Milan Airport

Several months ago, our friends in England managed to get us an excellent salame from of all places, the Milan Airport. This was made by our friends at Ferrarini. Beats the Ho Hos you get here. Anyway, one of them was back, and the other made sure that she provided me with not a mere salami, but in fact a large chunk of Prosciutto Crudo Stagianato made by the same company. It turns out they are known for their cooked and raw hams.

This one is quite a tasty Parma style ham if you ask me (the company sells authenticated Parma ham as well. The company web site proudly points out that each ham is marked with its factory provenance, so you know exactly where it was cured. They also make no bones about the fact that this is essentially cured raw meat. Well, its still tasty.

My one issue is that this is a ham that calls for razor thin slices, and I do not have either an electric slicer or a madeline (both are too terrifying to someone who uses his fingers for a living). A good sharp Global knife helps, but the experience is a reminder of how nice it is to have someone slice your meat for you.

I have emailed the Ferrarini USA people to find out if this excellent ham is available here. It turns out their salamis are! Hopefully, they are available somewhere near me.

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