Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Comings and Goings on The Upper West Side

The lovely wife and I took a walk from the boys school (conferences) back home this morning. We discovered several interesting things on our walk
  1. Lenge, the veritable sushi place on 70th and Columbus, is out. There is a permit in the window for "light" renovation, but no clue as to who is doing the renovation. Eater, of course, noted this two months ago, but no one else up here in the eighties noticed till now. They speculate that the Magnolia Bakery will be opening up at that site.
  2. Jaques Torres is opening on 73rd and Amsterdam, near 73rd Street. Chocolate store are being as insidious up here as soap store.
  3. The lovely wife and I made it to the Grandaisy Bakery at 72nd and Amsterdam (right next to Gray's Papaya). The place is quite cute, and in addition to selling baked goods (all baked downtown) they have Illy coffee and make their own Pizza's and sandwiches for lunch. I tried a ciabatta for breakfast: it was excellent, too. The lovely wife had the pictured tart: ditto on the goodness for that. My waistline fears this place.


Robin said...

MM: Chocolate can never be insidious, unless, of course, it is milk chocolate. We would be happy to have a Jacques Torres hot chocolate cart on every corner.
GrandDaisy looks yummy, can't wait to check it out.

Ira.B said...

Point sort of taken: I feel the same way about good pizza at the moment.
Which GranDaisy sells.