Saturday, December 08, 2007

Alessi Egg Cups: Make Soft Boiled So Cool!

The lovely wife loves her soft boiled eggs. And who can blame her? They are like a poached egg in a shell. For Chanukah, I bought her (with a little prompting, I must admit), the incredibly cool "Cico" egg cups made by Alessi. Getting them is harder than I thought: although available online, the only place I found them in NY was at Pinkberry, where I must give props to the manager at the 110th Street and Broadway store for being so helpful to me. Compared to the garden variety egg holder, the "Cico" is cool looking and also comes with its own built in salt shaker.

Cico is part of Alessi's "A di Alessi" line of affordable, cool looking products: I highly recommend a look through their site.

As for me, I like my eggs fried, but thats probably not a surprise to anyone.

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