Wednesday, December 26, 2007

In Angry Game, Rangers Wind The Hurricanes

Until tonight, I never knew that you could sort of scuff blood off ice by going side to side over it with your skates. But after Colton Orr clocked former Ranger Matt Cullen, I learned this fact. Down on the ice for several minutes while Orr fought Mike Commodore, Cullen was helped off the ice by teammates and the trainer. The referee removed the offending heme product. Orr received two major penalties and a game misconduct penalty. I wouldn't be surprised if the league suspended him for a bit.

But, just to make events more lively, Sean Avery also managed to get a game misconduct penalty. He managed to keep fighting at the end of the game despite being separated by two officials from his opponent (in section 314, you can't read the names on the jersey's, so you don't always know who is fighting who). The overall feeling of the game was summarized by a young gentleman who often sits behind me, and who brought his girlfriend to this particular game. He said (and I paraphrase, but not much) "your first game and you get to see a hit so hard I have never seen it before and will likely never see again, good fights, and a true fast break. I don't believe it."

Given all of this excitement, the fact that the Rangers won added beauty to the beast. Lundqvist was excellent in goal, especially when it was 6 on 3 for the last few minutes. Jagr scored two goals for the first time this season, and Shanahan, Drury and Gomez all looked good. I am getting excited about the Rangers upcoming Canadian swing.

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