Saturday, December 01, 2007

Kum Gang San: Another Reason to go to Flushing to Eat!

Just when you thought I was done with Flushing.... well, I'm not. Although I love going to 32nd Street between 5th and 6th Avenues after hockey games to have Korean Barbecue, there is nothing like Northern Boulevard in Flushing (and Union Street, too) to satisfy your most hard to please barbecue cravings. While there are many places to eat in the area, a traditional favorite is Kum Gang San (138-28 Northern Boulevard, Flushing: 11354 (718-461-0909). Its open 24/7, it has parking, and its so large that you will get seated, even with a large party and no reservation on a Saturday night.

We went to Kum Gang San with East Side friends after an exciting day of bowling (well, at least the kids had fun). Less than a half hour after leaving Chelsea Piers, we had arrived. Kum Gang San has a waiting room, complete with tables, a bar, and an extensive Korean Library. After a brief wait (we didn't even have time to get drinks) we were seated at our table. Our server helped us order the proper amount of barbecue, and we were off.

Although I liked all of the food, several items stood out. The short ribs are exceptional, and I prefer to them to the good, but not as good, sirloin. There is also premium kal-bi (short ribs), which we didn't get but which I am quite curious about for next time. The kids like chicken, which is fine for them, but which I don't get. It tastes fine too: just like chicken.

We ordered a kim-chee pancake, which was a hit with non-dieting adults and kids. We also ordered a noodle dish with chicken off of the ala-carte menu, which was surprisingly good. Another surprise hit was Man Do Gui, fried beef dumplings. The kim-chee was excellent, too.

On the surface, the prices appear similar to Manhattan. But when you consider that soft drinks are $1.50, and that the dishes are 25% larger, it ended up being a bargain when we were done.


Robin said...

Ummmm. When are you going back and can we come?

Ira.B said...

yes you can. you have a car. soon, as the boys are also huge fans.