Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bamboo Steaming Beats Metal!

I have a fancy steamer (All-Clad, in fact). I also have a cheap little folding steamer. While in Chinatown recently, I finally picked up a bamboo steamer, and I am now a convert. It cost me around nine dollars, and a brief search on Google reveals reveals the shear variety and low cost of these items.

Bamboo works better than metal as a steamer, particularly for starchy items like potatoes, buns and dumplings, all of which tend to stick to the metal, even if greased. I have been giving a brief spray to the bottom of each steamer tray with Pam, placing my food, and steaming away. The steamer, which is stackable, also holds a lot more than my really expensive All Clad Steamer insert.

The only problem with bamboo steamers is that they tend to break or get destroyed reasonably fast. I soak mine before use, which may help. I also realize that for another 10 dollars and a trip to Chinatown (or a little more up here and no trip) I can just buy another one.

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