Sunday, January 06, 2008

Country Girl Diner in Chester, Vermont

I have returned from my trip to Okemo, with nothing broken and nothing frozen and ready to enjoy the benefits of global warming this week what with the mild weather predicted.  Beats 4 below, which is what we were enjoying in Ludlow.  Before getting on Interstate 91 for the long trip back to New York, we decided to take a stop (our second) at the Country Girl Diner, in Chester, Vermont.  (Main Street, Chester, (802) 875-2650).  Although the foods not great, it near the highway, its not fast food, and its just sort of cool to eat in.

A classic 40s railroad diner, the Country Girl serves a wide variety of sandwiches, burgers, chicken, chops and fish.  The food is fine, if you are selective.  Burgers are fine, as, believe it or not was the fish and chips.  Soups were also good  The lovely wife particularly liked the cherry pie.  It is not a great place to go if you are in a rush, but what the heck are you doing rushing in Vermont?

When you finally get off I91, there is still quite a stretch until you reach Ludlow.  If you need a bite and a bathroom break, and want to avoid a chain or a convenience  store, stop at the Country Girl.  Bring cash, and, if you want, bring your own beer or wine.

Photo is taken by boy 1.

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