Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ranger Beat Montreal: Look Good in 4 to 1 Victory

A brief post on tonights game: the Rangers finally win. Before a crowd full of weekend viewers and Hab fans, the rangers finally snapped their 5 game losing streak with a solid four to one victory over the Canadiens. Au revoir to both the Canadiens and hopefully to the tired, lackluster play that has marred the Rangers game recently.

The difference in the quality of play was noticeable from the first face off. The Rangers passed better, took more shots as a team, and always seemed light a threat to score. And score they did: four goals by four different players.: Drury, Straka, Prucha and Dawes. It was so good they had dancing granny dance (we in section 314 wanted Larry) and they even played "Sweet Caroline." Lets home the Rangers can turn this victory into something larger.

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