Monday, April 21, 2008

Charosset: Yet Another Recipe

Happy Passover! We have just finished the seders in our family: the first night the traditional extended family event hosted by my wife's uncle (17th year of this tradition, I should add) and last night at our house for the immediate family (and a few friends as well). Although tradition rules the roost at these events, there is always some room for experimentation. One area where you can experiment a little and not get burned is in the making of Charosset (harrosset? haroset?), the sweet stuff which represents the mortar of our slave ancestors. I am not a huge fan of the apple based stuff common in Ashkenazi households, so I have taken to "borrowing" from our Sephardic co-religionists. One thing they use a lot is raisins, which are not a favorite of the lovely wife. So I decided to drop them and use wine instead: its good. Like all haroset recipes, this one is mutable, the general concept that dried fruit, nuts and wine go well together.


Food processor


10 ounces dates (pitted)
5 ounces figs
1 cup walnuts
1/2 cup shelled pistachios (no salt)
1/3 cup sweetish red wine (we used an inexpensive Tuscan)

Chop the nuts in the food processor. Add the dates and figs and chop some more. You may have to move things around or you will get a non-moving lump of stuff. When the dates and figs are reasonable well chopped add the wine and chop either 1) until you truly have a paste like thing or 2) just a little (your choice). If its sticky, you can add a little more wine.


labkid32 said...

the charosset was really good - we enjoyed it and discussed including it in our first night seder for next year. That said - everything was very good and tasty last night ... really everything. Thanks for having us.

Ira.B said...

it was a pleasure!