Friday, April 04, 2008

Ranger's Look Sloppy Against Islanders

If the Rangers beat the Devils in regulation this Sunday, they will have home ice advantage, and I may have 4 days worth of playoffs to go to.  After tonights performance, I'm not so sure.  First of all Lundqvist fell apart in the shootout, after having a pretty good (but not great) game.  It probably would have been smart to rest him and play Valiquette, but who am I to say anything.  Having said that, the Islanders scored on a 5 on 3, and they were the 3!  I have never seen that, except in a video game. 

What made me worried is that the Islanders goalie, Dubielewicz, made 48 saves on 51 shots.  And he is not the second coming of goalie.  Hopefully, the Rangers can produce some offense during these playoffs and not make Lundqvist be perfect every night.

Now, onto my latest mission.  The Dancing Larry versus Dancing Granny Tally.  Tonight, with the game tied, no one danced.  I'll keep everyone posted during the playoffs.

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