Saturday, June 07, 2008

More Cool Packaging From Target

On the way to Fire Island, we stopped at the Target in Bayshore last night. No big deal in that; we do that several times during the season to stock up on those necessities of life, like flashlights, toilet paper and cheap DVDs. We always look in the food section too, because you never know when 3 pound bags of trail mix will come in handy. We also look for new ideas in the world of mass market snacking.

When we saw the potato chips, we knew we had hit paydirt, in terms of new ways to sell out snack foods. Archer Farm brand chips (the Target House Brand), comes in a "zip-lock" reusable bag. Beats using a "chip-clip" and certainaly, for those on a diet, beats eating the whole bag at once to ensure freshness. And the chips are pretty good (and not to expensive), too.

Soon, Target opens in Manhattan. And I will have to go. But not back to their website. Click on it above and hear the hokey marketing (literally).

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