Thursday, June 19, 2008

NY Yankees: Minor League Food

I had tickets to the Yankees game yesterday. Woo-woo. Unfortunately, work ran late, and the boys and I had to book out of the house to make the game, or so we thought. Actually, there ended up being a one hour rain delay, so we could have easily grabbed something to eat on the way. But who knew?

But, no matter. A short ride on the B train, and we were in the Bronx. Did I ever tell everyone that I lived in the Bronx for four years? And dreamed of leaving? Daily? No matter. We arrived at 161st Street and River, got out, and saw the two Yankee stadiums, milling angry crowds, and pissed-off looking policemen. Even the rain looked unhappy. Ah, back in the Bronx.
Because of the construction, only limited gates are open, so the boys and I waited for the security line, and then the ticket line, to get in. At which point, it started raining more. Which actually was fine, because we were hungry and the delay gave us plenty of time to explore the stadium and get something to eat. And that is what Male Martha is about.

Compared to other Major League Parks I have been too, and even compared to Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium has the worst, most inconvenient, food that I have ever had at a Ballpark. Even Shea is better. There was actually a hard thing in my hot dog (no, I'm not sure what it was, and I don't want to think about it). We tried the sushi, which was basically soylent green on flavorless rice. We would have eaten chicken fingers and fries, but you literally had to walk to the other end of the stadium to the one place that sold this exotic delicacy. The cotton candy was edible, however and so was the Carvel in a plastic baseball hat (although it arrives half melted). I should also note that there was a kosher section for those who want to buy overpriced, bad, kosher food.
I am not one to care about the Yankees playing: I leave that to the Yanksgal, who worries about these things. As I look to the new Stadium, being built with my tax payer help (what, you don't think your paying for all those tax free bonds) across the street, I have only one thought: other than this new NYY Steak and three retail stores that they are planning on opening, will there be decent food (at any price) easily available for those of us not in the numerous luxury suites? I'm not holding my breath.

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