Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Grilled Bacon

Ok. Not really grilled, but a new concept in bacon cooking. The lovely wife recently gave me a Weber Summit Grill, which is sort of the Land Rover of Grills. I've been using it pretty religiously, although mostly to cook the same things that I usually do. Its been a summer of comfort cooking, with little new thoughts. But today I did have one. And the idea was bacon. I am out here on Fire Island, and boy's one and two wanted bacon for breakfast. I am happy to cook the stuff, but had no desire to clean up the kitchen (or be yelled at for not cleaning up to kitchen) after woods. So I decided to try grilling the stuff. You can do this, and it works. But you do need a griddle, preferably with a drain hole, and a covered grill. I wish I had a photo of this, but my camera has fallen apart yet again. If anyone knows of an indestructible digital camera, please let me know. I admit I treat them badly.


Covered gas grill. Make sure the grease trap is empty and ready to take more grease!
Griddle, which will fit on the grill covered. If it has drainage holes, so much the better.


Bacon (duh)

Light the grill, and make sure that the elements under the griddle are on high. You need to be able to cover the grill. Other elements should be off. Place bacon on griddle and cover (this really helps). Open in a few minutes and turn bacon. Remove when brown to paper towel covered plate. Spill grease into grill (yes it will flame a little, but if you spill where its not lit you should be fine) and repeat with rest of bacon. One pound of bacon makes less grease than one whole butterflied leg of lamb.

Your non grease filled house will thank me for this tip.

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