Saturday, December 27, 2008

Greetings From Quebec! Bistro Sous le Fort

Greetings from Quebec, where its cold and its French.  Its hard to get worried about the recession when you are worried about your toes having adequate circulation, and Quebec is extremely close, and exotic, in a I see McDonald's but don't have to deal with existence kind of way.  We are staying at the Chateau Frontenac, where we have a commanding view of the St. Lawrence River.  There is also pretty much non-stop hockey in both French and English: the boys and I are happy.

One of the things that excited us about Quebec was the food: although the reality has been a bit spotty to date.  The hotel itself has a crowded dining room, and the food, even for a hotel, is nothing to write home about.  Given the cold, especially at breakfast, this can be a problem.  But there are places to eat, many within quick walking distance.  The first of these is Bisto Sous le Fort, which is located at 48, rue Sous-le-Fort, Quebec, G1K 4G8 (418-694-0852).

The place is quite small, with about 30 seats.  I do not believe they take reservations.  The service is good, and the food was quite good.  I had an elk burger (they also had caribou sausage and venison), which was good and distinctly different from beef (but not too much!).  The kids head steak frites, which was good as were the fries.  The lovely wife had "La assiette tout canard" which was pretty much that: lots of duck done lots of ways.  Each way was good, as were the little roasted potatoes that were served with it.  We also had cider wine, which tasted more like white wine than cider and was therefore quite good.  The service was reasonable, and the location, right near the funicular, making getting up easy even after you eat and drink a bit too much (not that we did, but you never know!)

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