Monday, December 29, 2008

Where to eat (breakfast) in Quebec City: Le Cochon Dingue

Eating at the Chateau Frontenac isn't great: expensive and tortured (and with long lines during the holidays!). So, with the weather being pretty good, we set out down the "Breakneck Stairs" to Le Cochon Dingue, which our friend Lisa recommended to us (46 blvd Champlain, QC). We left our names, came back about a half hour later (we later found out that you can make reservations (418-692-2013), which I strongly recommend) and sat.

Le Cochon Dingue is one of four restaurants of the same name scattered throughout Quebec City. It is part of a larger group of four other restaurants, including the Petit Le Cochon Dingue, a bakery down the block from the restaurant in the lower city. I wouldn't eat anything but breakfast at Le Cochon Dingue, but breakfast is definetly worth eating if you want lots of pork, eggs and, of course creton, the Quebec spread of pork butt, onions and spices (it beats scrapple). They have ok french toast and ok crepes as well. "Light" is not really on the menu. I would stick with the eggs, personally. The service is friendly but uneven. I would also add that boy #1 did not like the scrambled eggs as we think they were mixed in with cheese: stick to fried, poached or omelettes. If you have small children, they have an excellent bargain of a kids menu. The lovely wife really like the jam they serve, FYI.

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