Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rangers Finally Win (and beat the Penguins, too)

Its been a while since I've made it to a game: what with going to Quebec and the usual stuff of life that tends to get in the way of pure hockey enjoyment. But tonight I made it (Wednesday may be another story). And the Rangers, who have stunk recently, were terrific. Lundqvist had a shutout in their 4-0 victory over Pittsburgh, and the fact that the Rangers scored three good goals and an empty netter against the Pens gives me hope that April and May may be OK months.

The crowd was better than I remember recently, with more guys in the purple seats and upstairs. I at an MSG hot dog for the first time in a while: this is not to be repeated. And the thundering cheer of the day is clearly "CROSBY SUCKS." Crosby's name is sometimes substituted for Potvin's when the crown whistles "Let's Go Band." Of course there's my favorite: "Take a dive Crosby, take a dive!" The Penguins Captain has become the marquee player to hate.

They played Sweet Caroline. No Granny, No Dancing Larry [ :( ]

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