Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rangers Beat Capitals and go up 3-1

It was a different Madison Square Garden tonight. Although it started the same, with John Amaranti singing the Nations Anthem while the balloons came down and the Rolling Stone's "Gimmee Shelter" the opening music, it was clear from the get go that things were going to be different throughout the game. The Rangers themselves were clearly more aggressive. The two back to back goals by Paul Mara and Chris Drury gave the fans hope that the Rangers could hold it together and win the game. The crowd was clearly more fired up as well this game, and each lousy call by a referee (of which there seemed to be many, particuarly as concered Sean Avery) was greeted with progressively louder chants of "a*&#ole" and of course, my favorite "THESE REFS SUCK." Its not family time at the playoffs.

Well despite the many shots by the rightly feared Ovechkin, Lundqvist saved the Rangers (again) and we head into Friday with the hope that round two will be the Rangers to play!

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dubno said...

About time. Did Orr inject some unneccessary roughness into the game? Sure hope so.