Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pat's Pizza in Maine

There are a lot of Pat's Pizza restaurants throughout
. Usually, the lovely wife and I try to avoid chains, but 1) we
weren't that hungry 2) it was late and 3) we make an exception for
mini-chains, which this clearly is.

We went to the patsy's in Windham on Route 302 (844 Roosevet Trl(207) 892-1700). The service was fast and friendly and if you like tv you will not be dissapointed. We even
has a little flat screen at our booth. It was even possible to change the channel. Not suprisingly, everyone was watching the Red Sox game but us (we watched tennis).

As for the food: well it was inexpensive and edible. Safe and dull.
Not great. But not bad either. There is a wide variety of pizzas
which are a little overcheesed and have crusts that are a bit too
cakey for my liking. But you are in Maine. You should have eaten
lobster and clams (again). And, if you were with your kids, and not
just visiting them at camp, you would definitely be back.

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