Sunday, October 08, 2006

And Now, The Bread

My favorite author for bread recipes is Bernard Clayton, and I use his books reguarly for my baking at home. However, we have a country house, and much of my baking is done there. My only cookbook out here is an ancient "Joy of Cooking" and I often go to the web to find recipes. Since Mr. Clayton's recipes often require extensive prep work and time, which I lack in a weekend in the country, web recipes are often fast. A reliable and good site is sponsored by Fleishman's Yeast and is called Recently, I have started making their potato bread recipe, which can be found here:

The recipe is easy to follow, and I have successfully made it with the ancient food processor that I have out here. The changes I have made include boiling the potatoes myself (I think Yukon Gold potatoes make the best mashed) in salted water and then adding only 1 teaspoon of salt. I also let the kneaded doll rise longer (double in size) and then punch it down again for another 30 minutes or so, which yields a fluffier loaf. The bread bakes faster in a Teflon metal tin, but may rise a bit better in Pyrex. Potato Bread also lasts longer than regular bread.

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it was great - try it.