Sunday, October 08, 2006

Its all about the bread

I got to thinking about doing this as I pulled two pretty decent loaves of potato bread out of the oven. Why not a household blog for guys. I mean, its sort of annoying having to look through houseware sites, cook books etc. and getting the feeling that the publishers of these are not really looking for your business. But there is definitely a group of straight men who enjoy cooking (and are not professionals), would like to get good housewares, and, dare I say it, want to have a good looking place setting. Occasionally, we would even like help on getting a spot removed. And this does not mean that we don't like getting laid (we do. By women. Really.) For some of us who are not athletic, this may be the best way to actually get laid. I managed to snag my wife through fajitas. And you can too.... (although not my wife, she is taken). So enjoy.

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Emily said...

I love this ira -- the whole thing is totally cute!
post more recipes please!!