Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Coffee is still good

And now... Coffee cups. Yesterday was our anniversary (12 years!) and my mother in law got us great cups from Our Name is Mud. You can see the photos, and I while I won't say which cup went to which of us, you can guess. At their website, they offer a wide variety of cups, which seem to be the Hallmark cards of our generation. I have linked to a few a find really funny, but there are a lot of cups there.

Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right

Talking Cereal Bowl
If it Ain't Coffee it Ain' Breakfast
Go Ask Your Mother


labkid32 said...

I don't mean to speak ill of your new mugs ... but there is nothing like the one that sits on the desk at your office - if you know what I mean ... say - one that was made with you specifically in mind!!!

nygirl said...

Thry come from the gifty store on Bway next to the Game shop.