Sunday, October 15, 2006

Two Good Gadgets From Oxo

I recently bought two new implements from Zabar's. The first is the OXO "Good Grips" Y peeler, which I think is easier on the hand than a traditional side holding peeler. Although you can sharpen peeler blades, it is much easier to "end than mend" and I like the fact that you can replace the blade easily. It was $9.49 at the store.

I also bought a second OXO SteeL Meat Tenderizer for $13.98 from Zabar's. I already have one in the country, and like its heft and its two sided hammer head. I feel like a get less hand shock when I use this hammer with a rubberized grip. Great for leg of lamb!


Jen said...

Can you recommend a good pan for risotto?

Ira.B said...

See post soon, but the All-Clad non-stick pan is good (but a pain to clean). A cast iron pan also works well to distribute heat and its weight is not so important for something that is not flipped, such as risotto.