Thursday, October 19, 2006

Failure at Caramel Apples

I screwed up the caramel apples. Now, I don't really think I screwed them up, I think the recipe stinks. It is from, which usually has good recipes. Not this time. Although the caramel is somewhat tasty, it is to soft to stay on the apples and most fell off. There is a little warning that they give you about that, complete with this rather benign looking picture of someone pushing caramel back onto the apples (those fingers are from Its a lot of sticky pushing for a dozen apples. Even Male Martha has better things to do (in this case, go to the Ranger's game). The good news is that all of the leftover caramel sits in a greased bowl and will be an excellent topping for ice cream.


labkid32 said...

i can't think of anything that you have made - and that i have tried - that was a real disaster! Thouse aren't your fingers .... are they!?!

Ira.B said...

They are not a total disaster. The leftover caramel is quite tasty and would be good heated as a topping for icecream. Not my finger as they are not hairy enough. Stolen from