Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Knives, a begining

I like knives. I have found, that, even as an amatuer, a good, sharp knife makes cooking much easier. Using an 8" knife, I can do almost anything I need to in the kitchen. Although I started off using Wustoff knives, I have now switched entirely to Global Knives. I use two reguarly, the G2 Chef's knife and its "Japanese" counterpart, the G7. I bought both at Zabar's (www.zabars.com) which is near my house (although they ship) and have an excellent selection. The knives are very similar, although I have a slight preference for the G7. All global knives are "asymetric" and require special equipment to sharpen them. This is available anywhere you get the knives. I personally like when my friend Eli comes by with his Japanese whetstone and sharpens them for me, but this only happens on special occasions.


nygirl said...

About sharpening the Global knives. Get the great little Japanese manual sharpener with the pink and white wheels. Works for all knives but made for the Global.

stash said...

I enjoy the Global knives.
Zabar's sells them and will ship.
Zabar's also sells the Global knife sharpener (440gb) for $37.98.
Buy it so you do not have to wait for your friend.

Labkid32 said...

I like that you like knives