Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another Overtime Loss For The Rangers

It appears that the South has risen again. The Atlanta Thrashers (14-7-4) came from behind and beat the Rangers. The Ranger's looked good during the first two periods. The defense held, and Lundqvist looked great through two periods. Things began to unravel in the third period. Leading 3-2 going into the third period, Atlanta scored two goals and went ahead 4-3. A series of Atlanta penalties gave the Rangers a late game power play opportunity, which they converted into a goal by Bobby Nylander. As they say, the crowd went wild! This led to overtime. Bobby Holik (what's with all the Bobby's?) scored the winning goal for Atlanta. The great cheers that erupted with the first Bobby goal quickly died with the second and everyone headed for the trains.

On a different note, I at at the Nathan's on 7th Avenue and 33rd Street before the game. Despite the grim, almost morgue-like atmosphere, the hot dogs are quite tasty. The buns were a bit stale, but the sour kraut is crispy and tasty. Nathan's fries, which resemble large crinkle cuts, are surprisingly good. The worker's at the restaurant did not seem to mind the amazing number of people who brought beer into the place. If you only have a few minutes before the game and don't want to wait in line and pay the prices for a hot dog at the Garden, I would recommend this place. Otherwise, I would avoid it as a fluorescent testament to grease and nitrates.

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