Thursday, November 30, 2006

Holiday Prep 1 : Ice Cream Sandwich Molds

While not the greatest fan of the actual holiday party, I am very enthusiastic about cooking for holiday parties. The lovely wife and I went to Williams Sonoma the day after Thanksgiving, and I picked up these nifty ice cream sandwich molds there. Today I tried them out. I followed the recipe for the brownie "cookie" pretty much as recommended, although it needs some gentle ingredient modification and significant improvements to the instructions (it is an easy recipe that is written to sound hard). I will do this at a later date.

Once the brownie was made, it was a snap to use the molds to make the shaped brownies. the boys and I had no problems making many, many brownie pigs. Harder was loading the ice cream in to make the "sandwich" : if the ice cream is too soft it melts when "stuffed" with the mold but if it is to hard its difficult to scoop into the tiny mold. Given that the sandwiches, even the gross looking ones, were really tasty, it seems worth it to repeat and experiment till we find the right ice cream temperature and consistency to work with. I see a great future for the pig shaped molds, in particular, if the ice cream consistency issue can be overcome.


lisa said...

I see a porkfest theme emerging. would soft ice cream from the contraption work?


This looks like a great family activity. You might want a smaller ice cream to brownie ratio. I also wonder if gelato given its lower fat content, would work better than ice cream. Cant wait to try samples. More importantly, do the have double decker bus?

Ira.B said...

Lisa: I don't think soft ice cream would work. Looks messy.
NYER: I agree, but boys 1 and 2 wanted maximal ice cream.